Art Sphere Inc. Fall 2024 Curriculum

We have an exciting lineup of project handouts planned for the fall months of October, November, and December. Each theme offers unique opportunities for student creativity and engagement.


  • Create a DIY costume guide with affordable and creative costume ideas. 
  • Share spooky trivia or historical facts about Halloween traditions. 
  • Design a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt or escape room activity. 
  • Encourage students to document their costume creation process through photos or videos and share them as part of a virtual costume showcase. 
  • Organize a Halloween-themed short story or poetry contest and showcase the winning entries. 
  • Create a Halloween-themed digital art gallery featuring spooky artwork from students. 

Mental Health

  • Develop mindfulness exercises or meditation techniques for stress relief. 
  • Provide resources on recognizing and managing stress and anxiety. 
  • Share personal stories or testimonials related to mental health struggles and triumphs. 
  • Host virtual workshops or webinars led by mental health professionals to provide practical tips for stress management. 
  • Establish a peer support system where students can anonymously share their thoughts and experiences related to mental health. 
  • Collaboratively create a digital resource booklet with contributions from students, including coping strategies and inspirational quotes. 

US Patriotic Holidays

  • Explore the history of patriotic holidays (e.g., Veterans Day, Memorial Day) and their significance. 
  • Discuss the importance of civic engagement and how individuals can get involved in politics. 
  • Create infographics on key political concepts or historical events. 
  • Arrange a virtual panel discussion with guest speakers such as veterans, politicians, or activists to provide diverse perspectives on patriotic holidays and civic engagement. 
  • Conduct a mock election or debate on important political issues, allowing students to research and represent different viewpoints. 
  • Create a social media campaign to raise awareness about the significance of patriotic holidays and the importance of civic responsibility. 

Fall and Thanksgiving

  • Offer fall-themed recipes and cooking tips for a Thanksgiving feast. 
  • Explore the cultural significance of Thanksgiving and its historical context. 
  • Organize a virtual “gratitude circle” where participants share what they’re thankful for. 
  • Organize a virtual cooking or baking competition where students showcase their Thanksgiving recipes or fall-themed treats. 
  • Host a virtual book club featuring literature related to the fall season or Thanksgiving. 
  • Collaborate on a community service project, such as organizing a food drive or volunteering at a local charity, to emphasize the spirit of giving thanks. 

Christmas Kwanza and Hanukkah Themed Handouts

  • Share holiday traditions from various cultures and regions. 
  • Create DIY decorations or crafts related to each holiday. 
  • Compile a list of festive recipes specific to Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. 
  • Coordinate a virtual cultural exchange where students can share their own holiday traditions and learn about those from different cultures. 
  • Arrange a holiday-themed art exhibition showcasing students’ handmade decorations and crafts. 
  • Create a collaborative digital cookbook featuring recipes contributed by students for Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah dishes. 

Christmas Music

  • Highlight the history of popular Christmas songs and their origins. 
  • Create playlists for different moods or settings during the holiday season. 
  • Host a virtual music trivia or karaoke event featuring Christmas songs. 
  • Host a virtual “Battle of the Bands” where students can showcase their musical talents by performing their favorite Christmas songs. 
  • Collaborate on a community playlist featuring students’ favorite holiday songs from various genres. 
  • Create a virtual choir project where students record themselves singing a Christmas carol and then compile the recordings into a festive video.