Art Sphere Inc. Winter 2024 Curriculum

We have fun and engaging project handouts planned for the winter months of January, February, and March. Winter is a great time for creative exploration, and our planned themes provide a diverse and enriching experience for the students. 

Winter Themed Handouts

  • Explore winter landscapes through various art forms, from painting snowy scenes to creating winter-themed crafts. 

Lunar New Year

  • Learn about the Chinese zodiac and have students create artwork inspired by their respective animal signs. Learn about the Year of the Dragon. 
  • Explore traditional Chinese art techniques and symbols. 

Asian Culture

  • Showcase the rich diversity of Asian cultures through art projects representing different countries. 
  • Integrate elements such as traditional clothing, architecture, and landscapes into the artwork. 


  • Introduce the art of origami, allowing students to create intricate paper sculptures. 
  • Explore the cultural significance of origami in different regions. 

Valentines’ Day 

  • Encourage students to express love and friendship through artistic creations. 
  • Explore the use of symbolism and color in conveying emotions. 

Black Artists 

  • Highlight the contributions of Black artists throughout history. 
  • Have students create artwork inspired by the styles and themes of influential Black artists. 

Back Musicians 

  • Celebrate the rich history of Black musicians across genres. 
  • Explore the intersection of music and visual art through album cover design or musical instrument drawings. 

Art History

  • Explore various art movements and styles throughout history. 
  • Have students create their own interpretations or modern twists on famous artworks. 

St Patrick’s Day

  • Explore Irish culture through art, focusing on symbols like shamrocks, Celtic knots, and leprechauns. 
  • Discuss the historical and cultural significance of St. Patrick’s Day. 

Music and Dance

  • Integrate music and dance themes into visual art projects. 
  • Explore how different genres of music and dance can inspire diverse forms of artistic expression. 

Women Artists and Musicians

  • Highlight the achievements of women in the arts. 
  • Have students research and create artwork inspired by influential women artists and musicians. 

3D Projects 

  • Explore three-dimensional art forms, such as sculpture or paper crafting. 
  • Encourage students to experiment with texture, form, and structure. 

3D Animal Projects

  • Combine the fascination with animals and the creativity of 3D projects. 
  • Students can create sculptures or dioramas representing their favorite animals.