Art Sphere Inc. Summer 2024 Curriculum

We have a wonderful lineup of project handouts for the summer months of July, August, and September.


  • Host a virtual cooking class where students can learn to prepare a signature dish from a specific cuisine. 
  • Organize a food photography contest, encouraging students to capture and share visually appealing images of their culinary creations. 
  • Create a digital cookbook featuring recipes from various cultures and backgrounds. 


  • Arrange a virtual tour of iconic architectural landmarks worldwide, followed by a discussion on the historical and cultural significance of each. 
  • Challenge students to design and model their dream house or an innovative sustainable building using online tools or physical materials. 
  • Collaborate on a community art project where students create a virtual cityscape showcasing their architectural designs. 

Outer Space 

  • Host a space-themed trivia night or quiz competition to test students’ knowledge of astronomy and space exploration. 
  • Encourage students to create their own fictional planets, complete with unique ecosystems, inhabitants, and cultures. 
  • Organize a virtual stargazing event, where participants can share their experiences observing the night sky. 


  • Conduct a tech innovation challenge where students propose and present their ideas for solving real-world problems using technology. 
  • Organize virtual tech talks or webinars with professionals in the field, providing insights into current trends and future developments. 
  • Host a coding or app development competition, allowing students to showcase their programming skills.


  • Create a virtual art exhibition featuring pieces that celebrate LGBTQ+ pride, diversity, and inclusivity. 
  • Organize a panel discussion or guest speaker series to explore LGBTQ+ history, rights, and current issues. 
  • Collaborate on a community awareness campaign that educates others about LGBTQ+ identities and fosters understanding.

Hispanic Heritage 

  • Arrange a virtual cultural exchange where students can share their experiences, traditions, and customs related to Hispanic heritage. 
  • Host a film festival showcasing movies from Hispanic filmmakers or documentaries highlighting Hispanic history and culture. 
  • Create a digital art gallery featuring artwork inspired by Hispanic heritage. 

Indigenous People /Native American Heritage

  • Organize a virtual storytelling event where students can share traditional stories or personal narratives related to Indigenous culture. 
  • Collaborate on a community awareness project that educates others about the rich history and contributions of Indigenous people. 
  • Host a virtual art exhibition featuring works inspired by Indigenous art and symbols. 

Back to School

  • Develop a virtual study group or peer mentoring program to help students transition back to school. 
  • Organize a “School Survival Guide” project where students share tips, resources, and advice for academic success. 
  • Host a virtual back-to-school party or social event to foster a sense of community and connection among students. 

Goal setting

  • Facilitate goal-setting workshops or webinars, providing students with tools and strategies for setting and achieving personal and academic goals. 
  • Encourage students to create vision boards or digital collages that visually represent their short-term and long-term goals. 
  • Host a virtual goal-sharing session where students can discuss their aspirations and receive feedback and support from peers. 

Job readiness and Entrepreneurism

  • Arrange virtual mock interviews or résumé-building workshops to help students prepare for future job opportunities. 
  • Create a “Business Idea Pitch” competition where students present innovative business concepts and receive constructive feedback. 
  • Organize virtual networking events, connecting students with professionals in their desired industries for mentorship and advice. 

Financial Literacy

  • Host virtual financial literacy workshops covering topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, and understanding credit. 
  • Organize a virtual stock market simulation game to teach students about investing and financial decision-making. 
  • Create a collaborative financial resource guide with tips, articles, and tools to help students enhance their financial literacy skills.