Art Sphere Staff 2023

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead
At ASI, we have a consistently rotating group of volunteers and staff. Get to know a selection of our large staff ranging across the different teams of our organization!

Administrators help to run the office and keep everyone on the same page. They send out information to the organization, reach out to people, and help each team with tasks where they can.
Ana Bim

Ana Bim
Assistant Director

  • Tasks IT activities: Leading the IT Team guiding them through the projects and their activities, conducting 

improvements in the ASI’s Onboarding process and projects, working with the director to coordinate and supervise daily activities, planning and implementing new programs, tracking programs progress, ensuring internal policies, assisting co-ops/volunteers with technical issues and new applications, onboarding new co-ops/volunteers, creating tutorial videos, and managing Microsoft 365 users’ access. Social Media activities: creating content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, making designs in Canvas, collaborating and promoting ASI’s projects, supporting the handout’s group, supporting members of the team, and designing handouts. General activities: collaborating in surveys, and researching for ASI’s projects.

  • Hobbies Watching movies and series, travelling, walking, cooking, spend time with friends and family.
  • I joined ASI because… I wanted an opportunity to give back to the community using my IT skills and experience and I admire the ASI’s purposes and work. I also wanted to gain more work experience.
  • Expertise Computer Science
Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips
IT Coordinator

  • Tasks Provide IT Support to staff and co-ops.
  • Hobbies Tech and Sport
  • I joined ASI because… To aid in

helping children learn more about Art.

  • Expertise Management Information Systems
Sam Park Young

Sam Park Young
Volunteer Coordinator

  • Tasks I manage the onboarding of new volunteers.
  • Hobbies Reading, writing, cooking, and walking with my dog
  • I joined ASI because… I wanted to use my skills to help underserved youth and support art creation in the community.
  • Expertise Psychology and Sociology
Fei Yuan

Fei Yuan

  • Tasks Coordinator team
  • Hobbies Travel
  • I joined ASI because . . . I was a teacher, would love to volunteer in 

an education related organization.

Antonio Balducci Pic

Antonio Balducci
Data Analyst

  • Tasks Perform data analysis of student test scores
  • Hobbies Baseball & teaching kids baseball
  • I joined ASI because . . . I love working with kids and want to volunteer in the Philadelphia area.
  • Expertise Information systems and data analysis/computing
Picture of Katie Jiang

Katie Jiang
Data Analyst

  • Tasks Data analysis 
  • Hobbies Cooking, watching movies, reading
  • I joined ASI because . . . I want to learn more data analysis in the real world and get some experience.
  • Expertise Data Science
Picture of Stacey Zuo

Stacey Zuo
Data Analyst

  • Tasks Analyzing data
  • Hobbies Movies, travel
  • I joined ASI because . . . I’d love to help leverage the power of data at ASI to better support ASI’s mission.
  • Expertise Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences
Ray Liu Picture

Ray Liu
Data Analyst

  • Tasks Analyzing data, producing reports
  • Hobbies Watching movies, reading books and playing tennis
  • I joined ASI because . . . I’m passionate about using data to drive positive change and I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills to support the organization’s mission. 
  • Additionally, I’m interested in gaining experience in the non-profit sector and working with a team of like-minded individuals.
  • Expertise Psychology, Computer Science; Minor: Statistics


Teachers make ASI a fun learning experience for everyone. They make lesson plans, lead live sessions,
and share their expertise.

Kristen Rucker

Kristen Rucker
Art Teacher

  • Tasks teach kids in person and online while incorporating knowledge of art.
  • I joined ASI because… I really love

the organization’s mission and their approach towards teaching with a focus on creativity. Art has always been a big part of my life given that I am an Interior Designer.

Ian Rictor Picture

Ian Rictor
Remote Music Teacher for Online Programs

  • Tasks Create music and music technology educational content and lesson plans.
  • Hobbies Hiking, Biking, Reading, and Writing
  • I joined ASI because…  I strongly believe in equitable access to music education and technology, so I want to introduce students to free open-source technological resources (ex. Musescore, Audacity). My goal is to teach kids music fundamentals and show them how to use these resources to explore and create their own music.
  • Expertise Music Technology and Applied Composition
Christie Germans Picture

Christie Germans

  • Tasks I create lesson plans, videos, and activities.
  • Hobbies Photography, art journaling, drawing & writing
  • I joined ASI because… I was looking to make a difference by volunteering and what better way than through art! ASI is a great group and I am delighted to be part of the team.
  • Expertise  Business, instructional design, DEI, art, photography

Linda Hayden
Remote Art Teacher for Online Programs

  • Tasks Create Art Videos Online
  • Hobbies Painting of course, baking, watching movies, hiking, playing guitar
  • I joined ASI because… I want to inspire others to love Art as much as I do!
  • Expertise  Major: Art Studio Minor: English

Michael Park
Music Teacher

  • Tasks Teach music online/create videos and help out however I can!
  • Hobbies Music, songwriting, cooking, golf
  • I joined ASI because… I used to have a really extensive music background, having played all of my childhood and even applying to colleges as a music major. I realize I’ve been so disconnected now, so I want to try picking it back up and make an impact while I’m doing it.
  • Expertise Music 
Andrew Hurr Picture

Andrew Hurr

Music Teacher

  • Tasks Teach and educate students how to play music via piano or guitar
  • Hobbies Piano, guitar, bass, trombone, drawing art journaling, drawing & writing
  • I joined ASI because…  ASI presents a volunteering opportunity that allowed me to teach children in an area I’m very comfortable in.
  • Expertise  Piano and guitar

Video Editors and Animators

Video Editors make lessons visually appealing. Their work typically sees them editing lessons to be brief, informative, and interesting for kids. Animators help to make ASI more interactive. In addition to helping with videos, they also help to make the site more interesting with the help of animation.

Victoria Sanua

Victoria Sanua
Online Video Editing Manager

  • Tasks Edit videos as well as assist/manage other video editors with editing process
  • Hobbies Playing video games,

editing gameplay videos for my sister’s YouTube channel, and just doodling

  • I joined ASI because . . . I chose to join ASI because I wanted to improve my editing skills as well as gain experience in a managerial position and just meet new people!

Ashly Laureano
Story Animator

  • Tasks Create animations for ASI’s YouTube/TikTok accounts.
  • Hobbies Some of my hobbies include drawing, playing guitar, and skateboarding.
  • I joined ASI because…I discovered your application on LinkedIn seeking animators, and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to use my skills in animation to help out.

Voa Sin Giuong
Story Animator 

  • Tasks Art Teacher
  • Hobbies Painting & drawing
  • I joined ASI because… to help out.
Hazuki Ishikawa Picture

Hazuki Ishikawa

  • Tasks I’ll make motion design/animation in After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Cinema 4D.
  • Hobbies I love cooking.
  • I joined ASI because… I want to contribute to helping people through my animation skill and collaboration work.
  • Expertise Animation 
Picture of Kai Snowden

Kai Snowden
Video Editor 

  • Tasks Create videos for music history series.
  • Hobbies Studying history,
    multimedia art, skateboarding, gaming.
  • I joined ASI because… I wanted to be a part of an enriching education program and encourage students to aim high and pursue a life worth living.
  • Expertise Animation and Visual Effects
Picture of Sakura Hoshi

Sakura Hoshi

  • Tasks Animation
  • Hobbies Drawing, Reading
  • I joined ASI because… Because we can support students with art!
  • Expertise Animation & Visual Effects (3D Animation emphasis)
Antoinette Radcliffe

Antoinette (Toni) Radcliffe
Accessibility Assistant

  • Tasks Generate subtitles for ASI’s video content
  • Hobbies I’m a new puppy mom, so lots of dog-related activities! I also love to listen to podcasts and write creative non-fiction.
  • I joined ASI because . . . ASI provided me an opportunity to enter the accessibility field while fulfilling a mission I believe in.
  • Expertise Nonprofit Management
Elizabeth Monasky Pic

Elizabeth Monasky

  • Tasks Write and edit captions
  • Hobbies Painting, video games, anime, board games, cats
  • I joined ASI because . . . I am looking to devote more of my time to helping others. I felt a strong connection with ASI’s mission due to my history in the arts.

IT Support

The IT Support team helps staff members operate the systems of ASI. Aside from helping with troubleshooting, they also manage accounts for the company.

Josh West

Josh West

  • Tasks Assist with IT issues the ASI team may have.
  • I joined ASI because… I want to leverage my talents to benefit Art

Sphere remotely.

Praveen Lokanathan

Praveen Lokanathan
IT Personnel

  • Tasks IT related stuff mostly
  • Hobbies Love reading technical stuff.
  • I joined ASI because . . . It is a 

good way to give back to society

Rupali Walunj

Rupali Walunj
IT Support/ Web Designer

  • Tasks Support users with Microsoft 365/Wordpress, help Web team with any issue or query, design handouts, and do 

research on different ASI projects.

  • Hobbies I love sketching, baking , travelling
  • I joined ASI because… I want help ASI achieve its goal and spread the ASI work while learning new things. I want to help in any way I can to make a difference and I am very happy to join ASI.
  • Expertise Computer Science, Engineering, and Science.
Russell Glidewell

Russell Glidewell
Help Desk

  • Tasks Help Desk
  • Hobbies Playing video games, hiking, and spending time with my cats.
  • Hobbies Sports (watching and playing), hikes, reading, travelling
  • I joined ASI because . . . I wanted to help young ones who need a head start in life. I have had that in certain ways, and it has helped me tremendously. Everyone doesn’t have those advantages, and I believe that it becomes our responsibility to give back so everyone has a fair chance at an opportunity to better their life. 
Timo Stander

Timo Stander
IT Support

  • Tasks Implementation and management of Microsoft 365 Non-Profit plan. Conducting and controlling process, security,

information, IT capabilities, resources and activities. End-user support and technical advice.

  • Hobbies Computers, Golf, spending time in nature.
  • I joined ASI because . . . Art Sphere is such a diverse organization with people from all cultures and backgrounds. It is a privilege to use my skills to contribute towards Art Sphere’s vision to inspire and transform young lives through art.

John Spicochi
IT Support

  • Tasks IT Support as requested
  • Hobbies Fiction writing, hiking, cats
  • I joined ASI because . . .I chose ASI because it looks like a great organization that does great work for the community and could use my skill set.

Barbara Turk
IT Support

  • Tasks IT Support as requested
  • I joined ASI because . .  I wanted to volunteer.
Picture of Ginger

Ginger Crawford
Microsoft 365/Active Directory Admin

  • Tasks I help with the management of user accounts as well as contribute to other IT tasks as needed.
  • Hobbies Reading, traveling, archery, hula hooping, skating
  • I joined ASI because . . . I know the value of the programs provided by ASI, as I attended similar after-school programs when I was a child and enjoyed them immensely. This is my way to give back. 🙂
  • Expertise Bachelors in Communication, Masters in Social Work
Scott Cohron

Scott Cohron
Microsoft 365/Active Directory Admin

  • Tasks Administer the Microsoft 365 user accounts and access
  • Hobbies Cyber Security, electronics/appliance repair . . . I like to tinker and learn.
  • I joined ASI because . . . I enjoy helping others. I have a vast set of technical skills and love to offer them to whoever needs them. I like what ASI is doing and am happy to help out.
Picture of Mackensie Eiserman

Mackensie Eiserman
IT Support

  • Tasks UX Research and Design
  • Hobbies I have kids, not hobbies.
  • I joined ASI because . . . I have been interested in and learning UX for a while on my own. I wanted experience working on a real UX project.
  • Expertise Education/English as a Second Language
Weijia Chen Picture

Weijia Chen
IT Support

  • Tasks IT Team and App Team
  • Hobbies Work out, hiking, travel, food, swimming, movies, piano, shopping, basketball
  • I joined ASI because . . . I want to enrich my experiences.
  • Expertise Software Engineering 

Web Designers

Designers help to shape the image of Art Sphere. This includes making handouts, creating graphics for videos, and designing the website so everything looks just right.

Ardit Hoxha

Ardit Hoxha
Web Designer/Developer

  • Tasks Develop web pages
  • Hobbies I like to juggle.
  • I joined ASI because… To give back to the community while I

build up some experience.

  • Expertise Finance

Guy Guckenberger
Web Maintenance

  • Tasks I maintain and update webpages as requested using Elementor, HTML, and CSS
  • Expertise HTML/CSS
Shubham Kamat

Shubham Kamat
Web Design Team

  • Tasks Maintain the website and work on SEO
  • Hobbies Arts and Crafts, Singing, Listening to music
  • I joined ASI because . . . Because I like volunteering and the Web Developer position matched my profile and the Art domain suited my interests.
Mansi Jadhav

Mansi Jadhav
Web Design Team

  • Tasks I am primarily involved with SEO currently, and hope to get more involved with Web design as I become more adept with


  • Hobbies I enjoy reading reading suspenseful and thrilling mystery novels. I’ve also loved drawing and painting ever since I was a child.
  • I joined ASI because . . . Since I am quite interested in art myself, ASI seemed like the perfect opportunity to give back to the community by doing what I love so much – web designing. Knowing some of my work might contribute in making art more accessible to others brings me so much joy!

Raymond Huynh
Web Developer

  • Tasks Website Coding
  • Hobbies Reading
  • I joined ASI because . . . I want to have a professional work experience in a web development environment. I also want to be able to help the youth community in Philadelphia to thrive.
  • Expertise Computer Science

Smriti Ghosh
Web Developer

  • Tasks Creating the subpages on the website
  • Hobbies Reading, Singing, Traveling
  • I joined ASI because . . . I always look for a chance to give something back to the community and make a difference to the people around. Art Sphere Inc. gave me that opportunity. I am so impressed with their mission and vision. My work in ASI also helps me to develop new skills and build knowledge.
Prithvi Rana Picture

Prithvi Rana
App Developer

  • Tasks Work on improving, maintaining and adding features to the ASI web platform
  • Hobbies Tennis, hiking and basketball
  • I joined ASI because . . . I wanted to use my skillset and experience to make a positive impact in the world.
  • Expertise Computational Data Science
Sharma Picture

Aaryaman Sharma
App Developer

  • Tasks I will be maintaining Art Sphere Inc.’s WordPress Site by creating web pages using programming languages HTML/CSS / JavaScript to promote ASI’s interactive programs, online classes, free resources.

  • Hobbies Playing video games, listening to music, exploring new places
  • I joined ASI because . . . I wanted to gain experience as a Web Developer and also wanted to contribute towards the progression of ASI. 
  • Expertise Computer Science
Xiao Ching Yong Picture

Xiao Ching Yong
Web Developer

  • Tasks Volunteer 
  • Hobbies Playing badminton

  • I joined ASI because . . . To help build a better world with what I’m good at.
  • Expertise Psychology
Charles Gooley Picture

Charles Gooley
Web Developer

  • Tasks Maintain the corporate website
  • Hobbies Gardening, hiking, camping
  • I joined ASI because . . . To contribute to ASI 
  • Expertise Chemistry
Jeferson Goncalves Pic

Jeferson Gonçalves Sena 
Web Development

  • Tasks I’m a member of the web team and am taking courses in web design and web development.
  • Hobbies I enjoy working out at the gym and playing video games.
  • I joined ASI because . . . I joined ASI to gain real experience working with professional web designers and developers, I am interested in how the frontend and backend of websites work.
Efe Kaya Pic

Efe Kaya
Web Developer

  • Tasks I’m a web developer, especially front-end development.
  • Hobbies I love listening to hip-hop very much and I love coding.
  • I joined ASI because . . . I chose ASI because it serves a very good purpose.

Aliya Feggins Pic

Aliya Feggins
Web Designer

  • Tasks Web design 
  • Hobbies Game development, drawing, knitting
  • I joined ASI because . . .  I wanted to use my skills to help the community.
  • Expertise Game Design 
Jiwon Choi Pic

Jiwon Choi
Web Design

  • Tasks Website design
  • Hobbies I love drawing, playing piano, and playing video games.
  • I joined ASI because . . . I want to improve my design skill sets by working on actual projects, and I genuinely enjoy helping other people/communities and making positive impacts.
Wenxi Ma Picture

Wenxi Ma
Web Designer

  • Tasks Design User Interface and create website pages
  • Hobbies I love swimming, camping, and playing with my dog. 
  • I joined ASI because . . . To help youth in the community
  • Expertise Computer Science and Economics
Picture of Nicholas Pinheiro

Nicholas Pinheiro
Web Designer

  • Tasks I take care of web design.
  • Hobbies I play musical instruments and play sports like football.
  • I joined ASI because . . . I saw in Art Sphere an opportunity to use my skills to impact people’s lives.
  • Expertise Music and Web development


Designers help to shape the image of Art Sphere. This includes making handouts, creating graphics for videos and designing the website so everything looks just right.

Blair Nakamoto

Graphic Designer

  • Tasks Create lesson books with Dayna and Sophie.
  • I joined ASI because… I have been able to help others unlock joys and strengths in themselves through creativity and ongoing motivation.
  • Expertise Art
Ashley Groff Picture

Ashley Goff
Graphic Designer

  • Tasks Graphics Design
  • Hobbies Reading, playing video games, cuddling with my cat, drawing
  • I joined ASI because . . . I wanted to use my design skills for a cause that I care about + gain more professional experience
  • Expertise  Digital Art and Design
Digna Patel

Digna Patel
Handout Designer

  • Tasks Design handouts for any holidays and help out wherever I’m needed.
  • Hobbies I like painting and

watching a lot of Netflix. I also run for fun.

  • I joined ASI because… it seemed fun to work at a company that focused on art because I don’t get enough of that at college. 
  • Expertise Health Sciences
Pricilia Luthartio Pic

Pricilia Luthartio
Graphic Designer

  • Tasks Help with designing pamphlets and other design-based projects.
  • Hobbies Listening to music, learning languages, and drawing.
  • I joined ASI because . . . To gain some needed experience in graphic design for future reference.
Chelsea Qinyu Sun Pic

Chelsea Qinyu Sun
Graphic Designer

  • Tasks Create and edit visual content, including designing layouts for instruction booklets; creating elements for flyers, templates, and social media posts.
  • Hobbies Gardening, plush making & cooking
  • I joined ASI because . . . I want to help youth art activities with my creativity and passion!

Yimiao Wang Picture

Yimiao Wang
Graphic Designer

  • Tasks Graphic design
  • Hobbies Drawing, reading, walking my dog
  • I joined ASI because . . . As an illustrator and a Gender Studies major, I hope to combine my knowledge of humanities with visual elements and produce designs and artworks that have an impact in the real life. I also hope to learn how to train myself as a visual communicator who can create contents that meet the need of others.
  • Expertise Major: Gender Studies, Minor: Comparative Literature

Social Media

Our social media team focuses on the public persona of Art Sphere, Inc., which includes platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Jade Hingtgen

Jade Hingtgen
Social Media Manager

  • Tasks I run ASI’s social media accounts, collaborate with other teams to promote material and set up fundraisers, and collect analytics

data from ASI’s website and social media accounts.

  • Hobbies I love to read gothic novels, make candles, research cultures around the world, and work on a travel blog I have
  • I  joined ASI because . . . I joined ASI originally to gain work experience at a local Philadelphia non-profit and I wanted to keep my creativity and love for art alive while going to a predominantly science based school.
Kristene Macantantan

Kristene Macatantan Social Media

  • Tasks Research for Web pages
  • Hobbies Crochet, knitting
  • I joined ASI because . . . I wanted to have some creative outlet that is

also beneficial in my future career path such as doing research.

Camia Owens Picture

Camia Owens
Public Relations Assistant

  • Tasks Some things I do at ASI are aid the Public Relations Manager and help maintain partner communication.
  • I also establish and maintain relations with ASI-affiliated accounts on Instagram and support our social media team in spreading ASI’s promotional online content, managing ASI’s social media campaign, and making posts about ASI’s resources, programs, and classes.
  • Hobbies A few of my hobbies are reading, painting, and listening to music.
  • I joined ASI because . . . Assisting underserved communities is very important to me. ASI allows me to help in what I value and will enable me to learn and grow in various skills.
Jaser Marasigan Picture

Jaser Marasigan
Public Relations Assistant

  • Tasks I basically support the communication requirements of ASI including for online/social media content to promote its advocacy, and explore/forge partnerships with like-minded organizations.
  • Hobbies I like to do 5 to 10K runs in the morning. I read whatever I can get my hands on. I also like binge watching series.
  • I joined ASI because . . . I’ve always wanted to be involved in the education sector and nonprofit, and I’m very much into the arts. I’m glad to have found all my interests in one organization.
Ashar Wasim Picture

Ashar Wasim
Social Media

  • Tasks Create and schedule posts for social media, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Hobbies Play guitar, edit videos, and watch YouTube
  • I joined ASI because . . . To improve my skills and build my resume while helping a great organization
  • Expertise Marketing & IST
Picture of Anson Huang

Anson Huang

  • Tasks Assist with the social media team
  • Hobbies Art, tennis, movies
  • I joined ASI because . . . I wanted to contribute to an organization that I resonated with, which meant it had something to do with the arts. Providing opportunities to underprivileged children to explore the arts was a mission that I valued and believe can make an impact.
  • Expertise Economics, Statistics

Writers make much of the content on the site and help other departments with wordings. Taking care of the social media accounts, researching topics, and making words make sense to everyone we work with.

Courtney Lancaster

Courtney Lancaster
Writing Team

  • Tasks Grants, Curriculum
  • Hobbies Traveling, Reading, Outdoor activities, Thrifting, Mosaics, when I have time.
  • I joined ASI because… Art makes learning even more fun!
  • Expertise BS Business Administration, MA Social Change, Grad Cert. in Grantsmanship
Geralyn Yost

Geri Yost
Grant Writer

  • Tasks Write grants
  • Hobbies Kayaking, travel, photography, and crocheting
  • I joined ASI because… I wanted to

be a part of an organization that provides rewarding opportunities to children

  • Expertise Education and English
Sarah Wingo Pic

Sarah Wingo
Managing Editor

  • Tasks Manage the team of editors, oversee the editorial production process, and writing/editing teacher workbooks and lesson plans.
  • Hobbies Creative writing, reading, binge watching Netflix movies and series, and creating Pinterest boards.
  • I joined ASI because . . . I grew up working with children and even got my Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have a very lowkey love for art and when I came across ASI, it was the perfect opportunity to put love for children, art, creative writing, and editing together for a greater cause.
  • Skills Creative Writing & English
Olivia Mullins Picture

Olivia Mullins
Grant Writer

  • Tasks Grant writing, editing, assistance with admin and operations management
  • Hobbies Sewing, reading, traveling, and playing The Legend of Zelda games
  • I joined ASI because… I wanted an opportunity to work on some professional development skills. My undergraduate thesis was on art activism examining art created by and for the youth detained at the US-Mexico border. ASI is an organization that fits perfectly in my academic interests and professional
  • Skills Intercultural Conflict Intervention
Katie Pierce Pic

Katie Pierce
Grant Writer

  • Tasks Grant Writing 
  • Hobbies Peloton bike, traveling, hanging out with my chickens!
  • I joined ASI because . . . My passions align with the mission (I have a love for the arts and education) and I want to learn grant writing 🙂
Lindsay Donaldson Pic

Lindsay Donaldson

  • Tasks Edit and write text, such as blog posts, teaching manuals, lesson plans, etc.
  • Hobbies I like to draw, play Dungeons & Dragons, read, write, and play RPG video games.
  • I joined ASI because… While I am most passionate about writing and editing, I do love the arts and majored in graphic design. Helping children access art is so important, as I believe it’s a great opportunity for self-expression.
  • Skills Editing and Graphic Design 
Julia Sturgis

Julia Sturgis
Grant Writing

  • Tasks Research and write grant proposals
  • Hobbies Hiking, yoga, learning about the French language and 

culture, playing the violin

  • I joined ASI because . . .  I want to gain experience as a grant writer, and I want to help enrich children’s lives through art.
Picture of Tina Samuels

Tina Samuels
Grant Researcher, Teacher

  • Tasks Researching Potential Grants, Instructing Online 
  • Hobbies Chain Maille weaving
  • I joined ASI because . . . I wanted to help find ways to give back as well as to keep instructing online. Grant research is a new passion, but one I’m excited about.
  • Skills Research, Project Management, Teaching