Week 4 – Teru Teru Bouzu

The day that we keep waiting arrived. Today we are doing the Teru Teru Bouzu (照る照る坊主 – Japanese Raining Puppet) Hooray!!!! I am going to explain a little bit about this puppet, Teru Teru Bouzu is using regularly in Japan to hung in front of the window preventing the rain. “Teru (照る) means “shine” as in sunshine, while bōzu (坊主) refers to a Buddhist priest or bonze” (JREF, 2013) so that they also have meaning “Shine shine monk”. Kids are so excited in making these puppet. Isa was doing amazing job, she told the kids about her experience with the rain and after that we started to show the kid step-by-step making the puppet. We are trying to make things that they could bring home in art class day so the next project was using coffee filter+yarn to make the butterfly. After finishing the butterfly, somehow it became bowtie and headband but the kids enjoyed to craft their own butterfly/bowtie/headband.

What should we make next week?

Khai To

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