Week 3 at Shissler Rec Center – Amazing day……….

Good morning readers,

How was your week going so far? Third week and third post from me. Like I mentioned with you guys last week that we are going to make some Japanese Raining Puppet but something came up so we could not follow the plan. I am so sorry for that incident but instead of making the puppet, I showed the kids to using some sponge and brush to create trees/fireworks from red, blue, pink, and purple. The kids somehow enjoyed to draw and color basing on their imagination (some of them draw some random shapes, some created amazing firework scene). After we finished that project, we passed out some coloring paper in fish shaped and asked them to color these fishes. The coloring the fish project seem to be the best part of lesson plan because they could bring the fish back home and show to their parents about their achievements.

The end for week 3 class. Next week, we definitely are doing the Japanese Raining Puppet so wait and see for next week class.

Khai To


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