Anticipating Springtime at Shissler!

This week we used some spoons, paper cups, and flower petals to grow flowers of our own at the Shissler Recreation Center. By applying Elmer’s glue to the spoons, the students could put construction paper petals in many colors on the flowers. They used cotton balls to make the center of the flower pop, and painted the outsides of their flowerpots a glistening spring green!

After popping the bottoms of the cups with the spoons to make the flowers stand upright, the entire sculpture came together to make a beautiful flower!

By the end of the class, we made a beautiful garden of flowers that was worthy of a bouquet!

We had so much fun painting the outside of the cups – we tried our best to keep the paint off our hands, but there were a few “hulk” hands along the way!

The Shissler students learned about coordination, fine motor skills, sharing (when only some of them had glue sticks!) and creative re-purposing of household items to make new, beautiful springtime plants!

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