Week 5 – Something interesting was created by Shissler’s kids.

Good morning readers,

How’s your week so far? I hope you guys had a great week. This week at Shissler to help the kids forgetting the cold winter, Isa and I came up an interesting project, which is crafting flower pots from scratch. Sound difficult, isn’t it? But no, basically we only used couple ingredient, including: Styrofoam cup, plastic spoon, papers, and some glue sticks. How did we do that? Is that your question? First, Isa and I helped the kids to cut out all of flower petals from papers. Next step, I gave them some direction how to glue the petal into the spoon and they did a very good job to follow my instruction (somehow faster than my instruction). The following step, I introduced the kids with water color (green) to color the cup. The last step, asking kids to stick their flower into their colored pot. Hooray! They crafted their own flower pot to fight back the cold winter.

Big thanks to Ms. Deven and Ms. Vicky for their help out.

How do you guys think about our project this week?

Best regards.

Khai To


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