Free Lesson Plan: Pizza Collage

Collage Art for Conversations around Food, Food Groups and Health

Pizza Project Collages: A group project that inspires team building

Pre-school through elementary school age appropriate

Vocabulary: Basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, and rectangle), all over pattern, texture, repetition, collage

Materials: Large brown paper (large paper bags or butcher paper), scrap construction paper, glue, scissors


  1. Take brown paper and cut into a large circle
  2. Have students work together curling edges of circle to make a crust
  3. Have students discuss their favorite toppings
  4. Cut shapes for different toppings
  5. Pizza can have different sections with different toppings
  6. Glue pizza parts

Opportunity for Discussion and Play:

  • Students can pretend their group is a pizza shop
  • Create a restaurant name, menu with prices and descriptions for different toppings with titles of different kinds of pizzas.

*This project is a great way to encourage young children to make collage and also talk about healthy foods

See also: Ice Cream Collage and Sandwich Collage

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