Ice Cream Collage Handout

Collage Art for Conversations around Food, Food Groups and Health

Ice cream Cone Project Collages: A group project that inspires sharing

Pre-school through elementary school age appropriate

Vocabulary: Basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, and rectangle), all over pattern, texture, repetition, collage

Materials: Manila paper (recycled files and faded and yellowed paper work well, too), scrap construction paper, glue, markers, scissors


  1. Start with square piece of paper, fold and unfold along diagonal
  2. Fold each side to center
  3. Folded paper becomes the cone, triangle at the top becomes ice cream
  4. Add additional ice cream flavors or half circle colors of construction paper
  5. Add toppings (each student can be assigned to make their own and have to share)
  6. Lines can be drawn on cone with color pencils, crayons, or markers

Opportunity for Discussion and Play:

  • Students can pretend their group is an ice cream shop
  • Create restaurant name, menu with prices and descriptions for different toppings with titles of different kinds of ice creams
  • How is ice cream made?
  • Allergies and alternatives for ice cream – sherbet, gelato, non-dairy ice cream, ice milk

See also: Pizza Collage and Sandwich Collage

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