Personalized Rocket Ships

Grade Level Rational: This lesson is perfect for 3 and 4 year olds because they are just starting to recognize their name, and how to spell it. This lesson also gives students some freedom on what outer space looks like to them.


Students will be able to assemble a paper rocket ship.

Students will be able to identify their names on the rocket ship.

Students will be able to talk about what planets they would want to travel to in their rockets.

Supply List:

-various construction paper cut-outs (at least enough squares for all of the letters in each students’ name.

-glue sticks

-black construction paper for background

-cut out stars

Activity: First, I assembled all of the sheets of paper, labeling it with each student’s name, and then counting out how many squares each student got based on how many letters were in their name. I then passed out the paper, and instructed the students to glue the red triangle at the very top of their page. From there, I had the students glue down their squares in a straight line. At the bottom of the page, I instructed them to glue down the bottom of the rocket. They were given a lot of freedom with the stars, decorating the page however they wanted to. I then came around, and had the students spell out their names for me as I wrote them down on the squares.

Clean-up: Clean-up was nice and easy. I collected the extra unused stars, and assigned a student to collect all of the glue sticks.

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