Becoming an Astronaut

Grade Level Rational: This project is great for 3 and 4 year olds who are really just starting to get a hang of their surroundings, and understanding that the world is a much larger place.


Students will be able to tackle the persona of an astronaut.

Students will be able to follow the steps to creating the final piece.

Activity: All of the students received a black piece of construction paper, along with a semicircle blue piece of construction paper,  green “continents”, an astronaut cutout, and a moon and stars. The students were instructed to first glue down the Earth and then the continents on top. Then they glued down the moon then the astronaut and then the stars. Then the students got to design their astronauts by giving them a mask, and I was able to write their names on the body of the astronaut, almost like a name tag. After they finished glueing everything down, I asked them thought provoking questions, such as “where are you, the astronaut, headed?”, or “who knows the names of some of the planets?”. I felt as though the students were really interested with coming up with some back stories for their art pieces.