Meditation, Freezedance, & Ukulele


Learn about our breath in terms of OM. 

Recommended Ages

Preschool to first grade


OM: a Sanskrit synonym that is known as a sacred sound that unifies everything in the universe. It is known generally as the sound of the universe itself.


Step 1 Start the class by sitting in a circle OMing. 

Have the children make the “OMMMM” sound while their legs are crossed and eyes are closed so they can relax. 

Step 2 Do breathing exercises where you tell them to imagine themselves as butterflies.

When the students imagine themselves as butterflies, as they inhale, they are opening their wings, and as they exhale, they are closing their wings. 

This is to start getting the kids used to unifying their breath with their body, a moving meditation.

Step 4 Get the students to get up and start fluttering around the room using their breath as fuel that keeps their wings flapping. 

Step 5 Play some music for freeze dance and allow the kids to show off their moves!

We had a dance circle so anyone could jump in the middle and show off their skills with the support and encouragement of their peers! It’s wonderful how children can shine when given the support and accepting space to be themselves!

Step 6 Before closing the lessons, get the students to sit in a circle and learn some basic rhythm by tapping their knees and using their voices!

I brought out the ukulele for singalong, and the kids learned where ukuleles come from! Hawaii! Everyone got back on their feet to hula dance to the ukulele music! More about the ukulele can be found here!


Last Tuesday at Cione Recreation Center, we had a blast learning about our breath. It’s wonderful how children can shine when given the support and accepting space to be themselves! One boy named Thomas especially loved the ukulele, so after class I taught him how to play 2 chords, and he was so excited! I’m excited to build on what we’ve learned so far for the rest of the school year!

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