Using Play-Dough to Create Colors

Your Destination:

Learn how to mix the primary colors: red, yellow and blue into secondary colors: orange, green and purple. Using red, yellow and blue play dough experience color mixing through a tangible process. 

On the Path: Hands-On Color Mixing

Step #1 Review the color wheel. Look at the order of the primary colors and the secondary colors on the wheel. Discuss which primary colors make which secondary colors. For example; blue + red= purple.

Step #2 Use a printed color wheel or draw your own. Make sure each of the 6 sections are labeled with a color in the correct order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 

Step #3 Place a small ball of red, blue and yellow play-dough on the wheel in their correct section. Divide each color into three pieces. 

Step #4 Take two different colored pieces of play-dough, like red and blue, and mix, sculpt the pieces together until their blend into a single color, like purple. Place the new mixed piece of dough onto its section on the wheel.

Step #5 Repeat this step until every color has been made on the wheel.

Travel Kit:

  • Red, yellow and blue playdough
  • Color wheel drawn or printed on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of white paper

Group Tour: Gallery Sculpture Walk

  • Now that all of the colors have been mixed, pick your favorite color and make a sculpture of an object or thing that is that color. For example, if you choose yellow you can make a sun, star, a lemon, etc.
  • After everyone has made their own sculpture with their favorite color. Take a gallery walk around the room and admire everyone’s work.

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