Fulbright Scholars

This past week we were able to host an awesome team of Fulbright Scholars. These are international graduate students who have had the opportunity to gain experience in the US through a scholarship program. We were incredibly excited to have another group of them come help us out. They assisted in prepping art projects and crafts for our upcoming classes, including those that will be held in summer. We are so thankful for these volunteers who are willing to participate in the Philadelphia community. It is also great to be able to partner with students from all over the world and learn about their communities as well!

Questions for Fulbright Scholars:

How has volunteering with ASI shaped your experience as a Fulbright Scholar?

  • It has given me a more creative outlook
  • created a sense of teamwork
  • Liked the ideas and mission of the ASI organization
  • Learned how art can teach empathy
  • Learned how art can teach a greater awareness of the world

What have you learned while volunteering with ASI that you can apply outside of an academic setting?

  • A variety of social encounters
  • Learned methods for teaching social and emotional learning through art
  • It was the 1st time making art for many students
  • Gained lesson plans to teach at other sites
  • How to use flowers and insects to teach other concepts (pollination)
  • Teaching family members and friends what they learned and other students

Is there anything else you would like to learn/do as a volunteer?

  • Learn how to work and teach kids directly with ASI!

How do you think your experience in the Fulbright program relate to those of immigrant students?

  • cultural diversity
  • they could relate to the immigrant experience personally
  • Language barriers when trying to directly translate
  • overcoming differences by having the opportunity to come together and make art and connect.

What was the best part about volunteering?

  • Helping ASI help others!