Free Lesson Plan: Designing Room Interiors

Interior Design

Level: Elementary and Middle School

Duration: Three 45-minute class periods

Historical Overview: Interior design

Goals and Objectives: To introduce sculpting techniques using paper

Vocabulary: Two-dimensional, three-dimensional, cube, cylinder, proportion, scale

Materials: Shoe boxes, fabric scraps, pattern paper, xeroxes of miniature rugs, paper for cubes and cylinders


Day 1

  1. Show examples of interior decorating from magazine.
  2. Review vocabulary.
  3. Decide on what type of space to create (office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, hunting lodge, etc) and for whom it is created (baby sister, yourself, knight, president, etc.).
  4. Choose paper to make an environment that would best represent this person (additional paper for students to design their own walls).
  5. Cut windows and doors, add porch or additional walls.
  6. Make box measurements, cut and glue coordinating wall paper for room interior.

Day 2

  1. Demonstrate turning a two-dimensional paper into a three-dimensional cube using scissors, folding techniques, and tape.
  2. Students make furniture using cubes and cylinders.
  3. Adhere floor board, rock, brick work, tiling, or carpeting.
  4. Decorate throw rugs with markers or colored pencils.

Day 3

  1. Continue making furniture for interior.
  2. Decorate exterior.

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