Color Wheel & Chinese Dragon Mask

Bigs – Glavin Rec Center

Next, I moved into a different room to see the bigger kids (ages 7-12). I had to find out if their brains could be turned off of summer mode and back to “school-mode” for at least a few minutes! My older students were asked the same of the littles – fill out the color wheel in the correct order. They were encouraged to be neat and careful with their work. Then, we paused, discussed the color wheel, and compared it to a rainbow. We did the dead marker paint science experiment again and the kids were asked to work on their second color wheel if they did not get it correct the first time. This completion of two allows the students to understand their mistakes by correctly fixing them and comparing the differences.

After they completed their second color wheel, students were given a Chinese Dragon Mask to color however they wanted. They really enjoyed this freeing activity.