The color wheel creates Butterflies, Oysters, and Spider Webs

Project Titles: Butterflies, Oysters, Spider Webs

Description: Children learn the color wheel when painting butterflies, oysters, and spider webs

Author: Liza

Grade Level or Target Age Range: Preschool to early elementary

Historical Art Examples or References: Discussion on benefits of Oysters and facts of spiders

Vocabulary:  Antennas, yellow, green, blue, purple, red, orange

Anticipatory Set:Discussion on benefits of Oysters and facts of spiders


  1. Make butterfly by fan folding a coffee filter and using a pipe cleaner in the middle to act as center and make antennas
  2. Make Oyster by paper maching to form an oyster
  3. Make a spider web using a white crayon to draw web on white paper
  4. Start with any color on the color wheel and follow it around having the children apply one color at a time to all three projects.

1. What is symmetry?
2. Is this butterfly symmetric

3. What are benefits of the oysters

Instructional Reflection:
It was great when the children discovered the spider web. They were surprised with their findings.