Koi Windsocks at Shissler Rec!

This week at Shissler Recreation Center, we made Koi fish windsocks! We took inspiration from when children at Fishtown Recration Center did this craft over the summer:

Fishtown Rec Center – Making Japanese Koi Streamers

For our windsocks, we started off talking about different types of fish, how we eat fish, and sometimes keep them as pets. We talked about what fish can do for our environment and how they can sometimes help clean our rivers.

Next, we talked about patterns. In the beginning of the class we had read the rainbow fish, so we talked about how all fish have scales and how those scales make a pattern. Then we sent the kids off to color!! Here are some of their in-progress fish:

The last step is lightly glue the fish shut and to punch a hole at the top of the fish so they can hang from a string. Because of their age, I decided I’d do this step for them. I’m excited to see their reactions when they see their completed windsocks!!