Finding the fossils of dinosaurs

Project Title: Dinosaur Rubbings

Description: Children learn about dinosaurs and make dinosaur rubbings

Author: LIza

Grade Level or Target Age Range: Preschool to early elementary

Historical Art Examples or References: “The Day of the Dinosaur” By Stan and Jan Berenstain

Vocabulary: Extinct, Fossil, Dinosaur,

Materials: rubbing plates, crayons, tape, and the book (The Day of the Dinosaur by Stan and Jan Berenstan)

Antispatory set: Discussion that dinosaurs are extinct and that these skeletons and bones allow us to know they existed


  1. Read “The Day of the Dinosaur ” By Stan and Jan Berenstain to introduce and learn about many different dinosaurs
  2. Than take paper and tape it to the rubbing plate  (to stop the paper from moving while the children rub.
  3. Give each child a plate
  4. Have them chose three colors
  5. Have them begin rubbing
  6. Periodically change crayon colors with the children


Whats your favorite dinosaur?

How do we know dinosaurs existed?

Instructional Reflection:

The children were surprised and excited when they found their skeletons. Many had baby dinosaurs and loved that.