ASI’s Meet and Greet

Last weekend ASI had a pleasure of hosting a get-to-know-you session. Everyone met at Art Sphere’s office located in 915 Studios, steps away from 10th & Spring Garden Streets. During this time people conversed over cheese, crackers, breakfast pastries, fruit, and even that bubbly sparkling substance called water.

Board members, interns, and volunteers talk among themselves and learned new details that made new networking connections possible.  Among them were filmmakers, painters, photographers, teachers, strategic planners, graphic designers, and students.  Sounds like an artist’s good time, right?

Even though we are serious when it comes down to fulfilling our duties, we take a timeout to indulge in fun stuff.  Being a part of Art Sphere has its perks too wonderful massages by Melanie to relieve a week’s worth of stress.

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