Alphabet Art Projects: The Letter V

Lesson: Create art projects that start with the letter V

Recommended Ages: Preschool


Letter V: a letter in the alphabet

Volcano: an opening in the Earth’s crust with lava inside 

Violin: stringed musical instrument

Materials: Violin, Construction paper, String, Liquid, Water colors, Paint brushes, Single hole punch, Volcano, Construction paper, Glue, Cotton balls



1. Begin by cutting the violin shape out of construction paper.

2. Punch three hole at the very top and the very bottom of the violin.

3. Choose two liquid water color options and allow the students to decorate their violin.

4. Demonstrate how to string the yarn through each hole in the violin. Assist students as needed.

5. Once the string has been properly strung, tape the ends to the back of the violin.


1. Give each student a piece of brown construction paper with a large V drawn on it.

2. Have students cut along the black line of the V.  When they are finished, they will have a triangle shape, like a volcano.

3. Have students cut off top of the triangle.

4. Glue the brown volcano to a black piece of construction paper, leaving room at the top of the paper.

5. Discuss volcanoes (why do they erupt, what comes out of them, what color is lava).

6. Show pictures of erupting volcanoes to the students on the iPad (for inspiration).

7. Give the students scrap pieces of red, yellow, and orange construction paper and let them create the eruption of their volcanoes.

8. The last step is to add the smoke clouds with cotton balls.

“Transforming Lives Through Art”

~ Mary Hager

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