ASI Spring 2018 Newsletter

Happy Spring ASI Enthusiasts, Supporters and Volunteers!

There was wisdom to my mother’s saying “hop to it!” when my brother and I avoided daunting tasks as kids. A playful creative spirit can make anything dreaded more fun by approaching it differently and enthusiastically – in our case teaching reading, writing and math using art. Get your free ASI rabbit mask template here and start hopping! This Spring, ASI has begun an exciting new partnership with PA Migrant Youth after school program at Southwark School teaching English as a second language (ESL) through art. Above interactive bird hand puppet project was used by our students to practice speaking in English in front of the entire class (a very scary task- if you have ever learned a new language you know), below watercolors depict memories with a sentence description about students’ native lands and 3-D homes used to review furniture vocabulary. For free ESL and literacy through art resources, see our lesson plans and blog.       ASI Student artwork now available in the Bok Cafe! ASI art students and volunteers have made these crafts to benefit ASI free art programs and art boxes for low-income youth. Art Sphere Inc. helps spread the mission of Bok for future creatives and small businesses by fostering creativity with youth. Our students learn about environmental issues and cultural symbols using art:  Lucky Frogs – Visitors to Japan often remark on the abundance of frog replicas in homes, gardens and even offices. To the Japanese, Frogs represent good luck. Frogs are also a symbol of life and fertility for the Egyptians, since millions of them were born after the annual flooding of the Nile, which brought fertility to the otherwise barren lands. In Chinese traditional culture, the Frog is associated with healing and good fortune in business. Acorns were a traditional food of many indigenous peoples of North America. In some ancient cultures, including Norse folklore, the acorn symbolized good luck and is a symbol of prosperity, power, youth and spiritual growth. As they say: “For every Mighty Oak there was a Nut that stood it’s ground” and “There is a forest in every acorn.” Sun prints are a way our youth learn basic photography and collage skills.  Incorporating native plants and found objects, students discuss themes of recycling and protecting nature. Product Descriptions: Fabric Good Luck Frog 1 1/2″, Clay Acorn charm necklace on Hemp cord 1/2 “, Sun prints 4×4 ” Each for a $2 donation!

New Drexel Interns

ASI Spring semester has begun, so goodbye snow – it’s time for flowers, leaves on trees and yes, even us to grow! Meet our newest interns from Drexel University training in Office Management, Teaching and Design on our blog . And also get your free ASI Spring Has Sprung lesson Plan handout here!



Happy HIghlights from our WInter Programs (January – March) 

Some of the art projects ASI teacher Cara taught included: Printmaking from Around the World, Penguins and Grounds hog day Art, Georgia O’Keefe Tissue Paper Flowers, Chinese New Year Lanterns, Pandas, Dragons and Envelopes, and Animal projects. Learn how to design your own money looking at the $5 bill to celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday.

A+ Art Shows

Amazing  art work was made by preschool through high school youth who participated in our 10 week art program was on exhibit for parents, family, friends and community members to see. With juice, cheese and crackers, fruit and cookies, Fishtown Preschool’s was an opening to remember! Our artists were excited to talk about their art work and it was a great opportunity for parents to see all the learning in students’ portfolios. 

Read Across America

From Dr. Seuss, making books and bookmarks with tassels, to sharing favorite books…Learn how ASI Teachers incorporate reading into Art Lesson plans.


Delightful Duck Stamp Art

ASI teacher said, “I opened the world of observation and environmental activism in support of the marshland habitats just by teaching youth how to paint ducks and look at stamps.” See how easy it is to teach duck stamp art and learn how our intern Rebecca from Temple University helped John Heinz national Wildlife Refuge select finalists for contest as a judge. You can download the stamp template here.    

Spring Into the Next Semesters! 

Our summer classes will begin in July. If YOU or someone you know would like to volunteer with Art Sphere, we are always looking for passionate community members to join us!

The More the Merrier – Join us for these ASI Spring Events! 

  • ASI is hosting Freedom Prep High School students on their Day of Service, April 27th for a Spring clean-up at Towey Recreation Center – more volunteers willing to lend a hand raking sweeping and picking up trash welcome. To volunteer, send completed release form to [email protected]
  • Be Creative at our Make and take art table from 12-4 pm in the Auditorium of the BOK Building open to all ages. Listen to music and dance performances  provided for free by CAGE Cambodian American Girls Empowering and visit open studios taking place on all floors.

Sponsors Make Spring Sensational

  • Over 80 Fulbright Scholars from around the world have been and will be prepping art boxes and projects on Saturday, April 14th and Saturday, May 26th to benefit our programs and give art materials for our students to make art at home this summer.
  • ASI will be rolling out the parachute fabric of murals started by students to be completed by Exude Inc.’s staff at their office  on May 10th.
  • Honeygrow who is Launching is Launching a $5 Rooftop Yoga Series at Bok Bar and all the proceeds will go to benefit Art Sphere. Read more at

 Hear the heartbeat of community! #loveartsphereinc

ASI Preschool students listened to each others’ hearts after making a series of heart art projects to share their compassion for others. We delivered over 130 cards to the Guild house and the Veteran Center made by our students and volunteers from Valentine’s Day events at Altro Cafe. Thank you for keeping connected to care! | Visit us on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter | Support us on GoFundMe!


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