Presidents’ Day Art Lessons and free template

ASI Preschool students use Free Presidents’ day Art project Template to make a portrait of the president. They cut the paper out on the bold line and then draw the face and color with crayons. They color the back of the beard and cut sections of beard on dotted line. They curl the beard using  a pencil.

Then make their own portraits with green marker on rectangles of beige paper.

ASI elementary through high school age students examine the $5 bill and make observations to the class on proportions of money, color and design. President Lincoln’s portrait in on the front and his memorial on the back.

Students discuss the significance of this president and the memorial and other details of paper money.

Students learn how to make self-portraits and then design their own bill with their face  on it.

They decide the denomination and draw what they would like to have written on the bill and what building they would like to have on the back of the bill.

Students have a discussion on what their platform would be and what they would accomplish if they were president. They are asked “What would you want to be famous for doing to make the world a better place?”