Fun Exercises, Project Starters, Discussion Builders and More.

Based on the “high 5 sign” these projects can be used for individual and group art making. Whenever we need to get the class quiet to have someone able to share we put our hand in the air and say “give me 5”.

  1. Trace your hand. Draw 5 things that you want for your birthday, one in each finger.
  2. Draw your favorite animal and describe 5 qualities it has and qualities you have, too. Draw yourself with your spirit animal.
  3. Write one of the days of the week on 5 pieces of paper and draw something you would like to have happen on each.
  4. Repeat the project above instead writing 5 years of your life and draw a picture of something memorable from that year. Did other things happen that year? Are there other things to add?
  5. If you could do any 5 things you wanted, what would you do today? Draw them!
  6. Draw a picture only using 5 circles. Then try one with triangles, with squares and another with dots.
  7. Draw 5 things that start with the first letter of your name.
  8. Pick your favorite color. Draw 5 things that are your favorite color.
  9. Draw 5 things about your day in reverse starting from now!
  10. Draw 5 things you hear when you close your eyes.
  11. Draw 5 things you ate yesterday.
  12. Draw 5 words that positively describe you.
  13. Draw a picture of your friends or family or draw what friends and family mean to you.
  14. Draw 5 clocks with you favorite times of the day.
  15. If you smiled at everyone you saw today what do you think would happen? Draw yourself smiling now!
  16. Draw 5 symbols/things that represent you. Are you more than that? Add more!
  17. Draw 5 things that you wish you knew before they happened. What advise would you give yourself?
  18. Draw 5 things you have always wanted to tell others about yourself.
  19. Draw 5 things you would like others to give you.
  20. Draw 5 things you can offer to this world.
  21. Draw a 5 sided star and color to represent you.

Write a song, play, story, poem (or even letter to yourself, a friend or family member) using all the project ideas listed above.

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