3×5 Card Mural and Art Projects

Each class:

1 minute egg timer check in round the circle

Art Material Demonstration

45 minutes to make art

1 minute egg timer art discussion round the circle


Exploring the Theme:

Introduction creating a safe place… how ASI does it and how do you do it?

What brings you peace?

What calms your nerves what soothes your soul?

How do we create a safe learning environment for people to share honestly and emotionally about their experiences?

How do we promote healing of ourselves and others?

What boundaries help promote sharing and make us feel safe?

What themes would you like to explore? (we will write these on 3 x 5 cards and place an envelope for circle to pick from when a topic for discussion or idea for art is needed.


Questions to ask:

What was easiest to do and what was the hardest?

What did you like about the process of making art to explore a mural theme?

This art piece reminds me of _________?

What part of the process was a struggle?

Did anyone help you?

Where and how did you find confidence, guidance or support?

How did you get your ideas?

What is it like to make art together in a group setting?

How do you think this mural will affect others?

Do murals change the expectations of an environment?

How do different art materials produce different outcomes: including pastel, watercolor, Clay, photography and mural paint?

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