3D Hands

Objective: to teach not judging by having students create art based off the outline of their hand

Prep: Provide an example of a 3D hand. Start by tracing your hand. Start creating the lines horizontally. Have the lines outside of your hand be straight, arch the line inside the hand, making a full arch and once getting back to the outside of the hand make the line straight again. once you have this first line continue the pattern up and over that first line. Eventually you will be left with a hand that looks  3D.


  1. White computer paper
  2. Pencils
  3. Colored pencils
  4. Markers
  5. Crayons


  1. Start by discussing the idea of not judging others. Discuss the idea that everyone still has traits that makes them human. Focus in on the idea no matter what the color people are still people. This is going to be shown through hands
  2. Bring out your demo. Ask them if they know what color this person is. Reveal it is your hand, but the color isn’t what mattered.
  3. Hand out The White paper, Colored pencils, pencils, markers and crayons.
  4. Have students outline hand with a dark color
  5. Walk them through making the first line. Have the line go horizontally, make it straight on the outside, have it arch on the inside and then finish the line as straight on the outside again.
  6. Once this initial line is drawn have students follow the pattern with different colors up and down the paper.

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