Performance Through Art with the Mummers

Art Sphere Inc. assisted kids and adults of the Sunrise Club with make up, costumes, and floats for the Mummer’s Parade.

On New Years Day 2004, the students’ float won 2nd place in the Fancy Division with the Sunrise Club and on New Years Day 2005, they won first!



  1. I am so into what you are doing with the creativity; but I do not know where to begin with my ideas. I am not connected with any groups yet and I thought about making some flyers and create a space in my apartment for myself and others to express ourselves on a Sunday evening. I can provide light refreshments and keep the session to a minimum fo 5 or 6 individuals for starters. Themes can be of a various nature. I just want to solicit some folk who want to tell their stories in a creative environment. My goal for the transition ;is in the New Year.

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