Yarn Apple Craft

Description: Apple Crafts are great for back to school! This yarn craft is great for all ages. It develops motor skills and is very therapeutic!

Author: Khristin Coleman and Viola Toner

Grade Level or Target Range : 3-5

Vocabulary : Color, Shape, Outline, Wrapping,

Card board
Yarn ( green or red)

Prep (Older students may be able to complete this on their own): 
Draw basic Apple shapes with a stem and a leaf onto the cardboard. (bigger apples are helpful for smaller children)
Cut the Apple shape out.
Near the top of each Apple stencil, cut a small opening to thread the yarn through.
Put a piece of yarn into each opening.
Now the project is prepared!

Demo/ Directions:
Step 1: Color in your apple.
Step 2: Wrap the yarn continuously around the Apple stencil! Do this until your Apple is cover in yarn.
Step 3: Tie the end piece of yarn in a knot so that it is secure.
Your project is complete!

Project Extensions:
Punch a hole into the top of Apple stencil and tie a piece of yarn through the hole. Now it can be used as a door hanger!

Group Setting:
You can also tie all of the students apples together to make an Apple garland!

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