Tissue Paper Jack o Lantern

Project Title: Tissue Paper Jack O’Lantern

Description: Kids love making holiday crafts! Halloween is the perfect time for that. This craft is great for pre-school and kindergarten students!

Author: Viola Toner, Khristin Coleman

Grade Level or Target Age Range: 3-5 year

Vocabulary: Jack O’Lantern, Shape, Additive/Subtractive, Color


History of the Jack O’Lantern

Top 32 Harvest Festivals in Philadelphia

2015 West Philly Pumpkin Carving Contest


Cardboard, Scissors, Glue, Pens,
Orange Tissue Paper,
Green Construction Paper,
Black Construction Paper,
Sequins and gem adhesives.

  • Draw pumpkin shape on cardboard.
  • Cut out pumpkin shapes.
  • Cut green construction paper into squares. (These will be used as stems)
  • Cut orange tissue paper into squares.
  • Cut black construction paper into eye, nose and mouth shapes. ( triangles are great shapes to use for jack o lantern eyes and nose)

Demo/ Directions:

Step 1: Glue stem into place.
Step 2: Glue orange paper onto the body of the pumpkin.
Step 3: Glue eyes, nose, and mouth into place. Let children decide if it is a happy or sad face!
Step 4: Glue sequin and gems sparsely to add bling to craft!

You now have a jack o lantern!

Extend the project:

Punch a hole and tie a piece of string through the Jack O’Lantern it to make a festive door hanger.

In a Group Setting:

Punch a hole in each Jack O’Lantern, and tie each student’s creation together to make a Jack O’Lantern garland!

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