Fans of the Color Wheel

The first day of the Southwark/artsphere program was incredibly eventful. The first day took place early July during a heat wave. Because of the infrastructure of the school, there was very limited air conditioning so in order to make a good first impression as well as make sure all the kids were happy, we improvised to make a fan project!

All the children were so happy, and the children ranged from pre-k to 8th grade so it was exciting to have a project that fit all grades and personalities! In order to make a lesson out of the fans, we incorporated the cultural background of the fan designs. In addition, we first introduced the color wheel so that the students could build their understandings for the foundations of art. This was beneficial for not only exploring different ways of working with colors, but also helped engage how to spell the colors, which prompted them to make connections.  All around, the first day was a success!

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