Setbacks, Affirmations and a Little Wisdom

Because I wear so many hats for Art Sphere Inc, it is important for our organization that I am not derailed for long. While there have been plenty of tough times when I have gotten frustrated and overwhelmed, I always know that there are better uses for my energy awaiting my attention.

In response to neighborhood tragedies, I have taught affirmation writing for youth because it’s so easy to get lost in heartbreak when a string of things go wrong unexpectedly. Unfortunately, when things really go wrong, the last thing anyone wants to do is think about a positive outcome from the horrible experience. “Who can I blame” usually comes to my mind.  The truth is that’s hard-won wisdom knocking on the door.  An enlightening opportunity is not one to pass up, at least not one to so reflexively use blame. You really don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water, no matter how tempting during that fluster or rage or grief.

Below is an affirmation I wrote after a series of technical calamities in our office. It’s based on what our board member Linda told me.  She told me I was lucky I already had so much going for me. She hit me on the head with wisdom in a moment of total self-pity. Of course, my first response was “You could have fooled me. I’ve got nothing going for me.” But that’s just it: when things aren’t going right for you in the moment, you really have to think about the bigger picture. And thankfully she is right! I am incredibly fortunate (as she pointed out) to have found a way to live my values and contribute to positively impact others. So what if it isn’t always easy?

Affirmation: “I have managed to find a way to live my values and contribute in a way that positively and lovingly impacts those around me. I am aligned with my spirit. I am inspired and take meaningful action now! Today I remember that the more I let go of what isn’t working in my life, the more comes to me that perfectly fits my true needs. I focus on what works and what I know to be worthy of growing and sharing.”

If you are not sure if you are being true to your highest self, I hope I inspire you to work at it. It’s been a process. And this reminder message will probably be hanging around for a while. Patience is something I’m still learning but it’s worth it.

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