Self-Assess Project

Self-Assess Project

Self-assessment is the relatively autonomous and deliberate engagement in reviewing and critiquing one’s work in an appraisal of progress made over a period of time […] meant to increase the learner’s self-responsibility and self-regulation in learning (Zimmermann, 2000).” (Tillema, 2010) 

In simpler terms, self-assessment is exactly what it sounds like – it is when someone evaluates their own work, judging it based on personal (or external) standards and finding ways they could improve. The act of self-reflection and working to improve both oneself and one’s work is more important than the exact standards themselves.


Try looking at your project and asking questions such as: 

  • Did I achieve my goal for this project? 
  • If the project were to be graded, what grade would I give, and why? 
  • If I were to do the project again, what would I do differently? 
  • Would I feel proud about presenting this project? 
  • Is this my best work? Does the project reflect the work I put into it? 

Alternatively, try using a rubric like this, and scoring oneself.  

Remember: “Work Smart, Not Hard”

This reflection and assessment can also happen during the project too. Ask: 

  • Is this the best use of my time? 
  • Is there an easier way to do this? 
  • Am I currently working towards completing my goal for this project (not going off on a tangent)? 
  • Am I recording everything (sources, data, quotes, etc.)?  
  • Is there another way of approaching this that I haven’t considered? 
  • What environment do I do my best work in? 

Possibly most importantly, if you have been working for a while and a section or part is giving more trouble than expected ask: 

  • Is it time for a short 5-15 min snack/bathroom/nap/internet break? 

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