Seashells Lesson Plan

Grade Level Rational: This project is great for preschoolers because they can identify calm colors that represent the ocean and the beach. They also have the skills to create color field water color paintings.


-Students will be able to associate calming colors with the beach and ocean.

-Students will be able to design a seashell using water colors. 

Supply List:


-Water colors


-Water dish

Activity: I first talked to the students about how the seasons are changing and that it is starting to get warmer out. I wanted a project that would kick off spring for all of the students. I then passed out the shells and the water color palettes and water dishes. I instructed the students to paint their shells nice and light by using a lot of water. Most of the students really took their time in completing their shells.

Clean-up: Cleaning up was nice and easy since everything was contained. I collected their shells first since they are fragile and I didn’t want them to break. Then I collected the paintbrushes to wash them out, and then I collected the palettes and dumped out the water dishes. Finally, I wiped down the tables.