Rock N’ Roll!

Students at Cione Recreation Center are rock stars! They started creating their own guitars with Styrofoam and construction paper. I had drawn and cut the guitar shapes out of recycled Styrofoam before class. With the students, I showed them how to trace the outline of their guitar on paper and cut out that shape to glue onto their piece.

The sample I had brought into class had collage flowers glued on. The word of the day was paper collage, artwork that is made from an assemblage of different cut paper. Before starting, we also reviewed the different parts on a guitar so that they could plan out what kind of shapes they would need to cut out. Our music teacher brings in her ukulele every week and lets the students play it. So, everyone had at least seen a type of guitar by this class.

My expectation for the students is to cover the back and front of their Styrofoam guitar. Most of them covered at least one side during our class time. They were given plenty of options for different colors of paper and cut out photos from magazines to help make their collages. These guitars will be a reflection of their own individual tastes and I am excited to see them finish next week!

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