Pop Art

Emerging in the 1950s, Pop art served as a break away from previous movements. Artists in the Pop Art movement felt that Abstract Expressionist art was alienating (dividing) the audience and wanted to use their art to communicate more effectively with the viewer. Pop art was supposed to turn against what traditional art was thought to be and wanted to appeal to a broader and more common audience.

Using the handout at home, you can create your own mascot for the newest brand of cereal!

Learn new vocabulary: Alienating, Appeal, Celebrity 

Tool KitEye-Popping Ads, a pencil, and colored pencils or crayons 


Step 1: Look online for different Pop art paintings and artists. (Several will be shown in the included video). A popular pop artist is Andy Warhol. The traditional comic book art can also be considered pop art, so if you have any around the house that would work perfectly. 

Step 2: Pop art was made to appeal to the masses and capture the attention of all. Can you think of any ads that really caught your attention? If not, then maybe a movie poster or cereal box? What do you see in most of the pop art style? Is it muted colors and low energy? Or the opposite? 

Step 3: Using the handout, color in the mascot provided, and come up with a name for the cereal that it would be on the box for. If you want to go further, you can create a catchy tagline for the character that attracts people to the cereal. 

Group Activity: Show off your new mascot to your friends and family. Would they buy the cereal that you came up with? What do they think of the tagline if you came up with it? 

Extend Your Journey: Create your own pop art online! Photofunia has a great pop art creator where you can upload any photo you want and make it in the Andy Warhol style. 

Access Our Instructional Video Here

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