Reindeer Snacking

This craft is easy and a great way to celebrate the holidays with crafts. The age group we worked with is pre-k. There is a lot of glue involved! Applying the glue to the project is a lesson for this age group!

Tip: Place a dot with a marker where you would like the student to apply the glue! Then instruct the student to put appropriate supply on glue to complete project!

Paper Plates ( we used red)
foam (brown, green orange)
google eyes
black marker

Prep Work:
There is a lot of cutting for this project! Make sure you prepare in advance!
Cut circles (used as reindeer nose), Leaf shapes (used as ears), antlers, carrot stick, carrot stem.


  • Teacher will make dots where eyes, nose and ears as well as antlers should go! It might be best to do in order. For instance place dots for eyes first. Instruct student to place glue and google eyes on the appropriate dots!
  • Place dot for nose. Students will then apply glue and nose to appropriate dot.
  • Place dots for ears. Students will then apply glue and ears to project!
  • Place dots on side of ears so that student can place antlers!
  • Draw mouth on reindeer! I like to allow students to do this on their own!
  • Teacher will then place dot on mouth! This is where carrot should be placed!

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