Clay Candy Cane Ornaments

With this project we used air dry clay! Air dry clay is easy to use! Just mix with water! Once project drys ( 24 hours) students can complete their project by painting!

Air dry is easy to shape and create with your hands, just like using play dough!

Air dry clay
Paint ( we are using red, green and white for this project!)


  1. Shape clay into the shape of a hot dog using your hands roll back and forth. It is also easy to shape and roll on the table!
  2. Bend clay down on the top to look like a candy cane
  3. Once clay drys you can paint!
  4. Instruct students to paint candy cane! If you would like it to look like a traditional candy cane instruct the students to paint candy cane white. Once it dries paint red or green stripes on candy cane!
  5. Teacher can using a small piece of red or green ribbon tie onto ornament where candy cane bends!

Merry Christmas!

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