Watercolor Postcard Paintings

Project Title: Postcard Paintings

Description: Students will brainstorm a place they’d like to visit or enjoyed visiting. They will sketch the place or different things that represent the place onto watercolor paper and paint it in.
Author: Dayna Ensminger
Grade level or Target Age Range: Elementary Level, ages 7+

Historical Art Examples or References: Postcards from around the world
Vocabulary: Painting, watercolor paint, blend, sketch
Materials: Watercolor paper cut to 4×6 or 5×7, watercolor paints, brushes, containers, water, napkins, Sharpies, pencils, erasers, colored construction paper, scissors/fun scissors, images from various travel destinations


1. Discuss postcards and how they could be important for people. Discuss how a postcard can travel around the world just to reach it’s one destination. Postcards are a great way to represent where you’ve visited and when.

2. On pre-cut watercolor paper, begin sketching your location with a pencil. Use pictures or the internet to find references. Optional: add “Wish You Were Here” in bubble letters.

3. Use watercolor paints and brushes to paint in your picture. Use a napkin to dab up any mistakes as wet colors can easily run into another.

4. Optional: Once dry, use Sharpies to emphasize your art. Outline words, add words, outline parts of the image.

5. Glue to the center of pre-cut construction paper. Use funky scissors to cut the edge of the construction paper for a zig-zag or scalloped effect. If unavailable, simply draw a pattern on the perimeter of the paper and use regular scissors to get the fun effect!