Origami Tulips and Ducks Stamps

This week in our older class, we made origami tulips. This was a simpler origami project, but this seemed to be one of their favorite crafts we have done so far. Their highlight was picking out the decorated paper, but all their tulips came out looking really good. After this we attempted to make a more difficult flower, but this did not work out as well as planned. Overall, these students seem to enjoy the hands on and more challenging projects. It’s awesome to see them creating different things, and how they’re learning that they don’t have to be amazing at art to have fun. 

With our younger class, we started the duck stamp project. We started off the lesson teaching them about ducks, their habitats, and anatomy. We had some packets that they looked through and guess things like which shape was a duck or which foot belonged to a duck. After this, they drew their own duck and created their own duck habitat. I think this is an important lesson because it’s teaching them while they’re able to create. Often learning doesn’t seem fun or interesting at their age, so incorporating art and education helps promote a fun learning environment.