Nature Masks Lesson Plan

Description: Students create wearable masks from recycled and natural materials.

Project Ideas: Recycling, nature, camouflage for animal safety/protection, evolution

Grade Level: Lower School

Vocabulary: Camouflage, evolution, renewable resources

Materials: Cardboard or heavy paper, scissors, pens, glue, items found in nature (leaves, nuts, twigs etc.). Strings or dowels.


  1. Hand each child a pre-drawn mask, have them cut it out of the cardboard.
  2. Go out into the woods or playground and collect leaves, twigs, nuts, anything they can find!
  3. come back into classroom and begin gluing the goodies onto the masks with a strong glue.
  4. attach string or a dowel/stick to the side of the mask so that it is both beautiful AND wearable.


What are the benefits of camouflage?

What animals do we know that use camouflage?

What does it mean to recycle something?

Why is it better to use materials we can find in nature than those we buy in a store?

What other sorts of crafts could we do with what we find in nature?


Make bugs with the materials! Many of the same discussion points apply here as well.

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