Movement and Breathing Mindfulness Exercise

Your Destination: The purpose of breathing meditation is to calm the mind and develop inner peace. We can use breathing meditations alone or as a preliminary practice to reduce our distractions.

Travel Kit: Yourself!

On the Path:
We started the class sitting in a circle, and all said “OM” together. “OM” is a Sanskrit synonym that is known as a sacred sound that unifies everything in the universe. It is known generally as the sound of the universe itself. After our OMs, we became butterflies by flapping our arms the way they flap their wings. We inhaled as we opened our wings, and exhaled as we closed. This was to start getting the kids used to unifying their breath with their body, a moving meditation.

Group Tour:
Students got up and started fluttering around the room, using their breath as the fuel that keeps their wings flapping.

Extend Your Journey 
Learn New Vocabulary. meditation, sacred, Sanskrit, inhale, exhale, serenity.
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Photo by: Cindy Gustafson

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