Meet Dorian!


My name is Dorian Barnes and I love art. I always love to craft, draw, and sketch. I also love anything that involves fashion, theater, music, animation, and baking.
Now, I’m able to take my love the arts and put it to good use. That’s why I joined and work at Art Sphere Inc. My experience with ASI has been really fun. I am able to
meet new people and help out which I love to do. So far, I’ve been prepping art projects for preschool programs by laminating, hot gluing, organizing items and papers, cutting, and painting.

I also helped with setting up for the Art Sphere Inc. 20th anniversary event. I arranged student’s art displays and photos so attendees could learn more about our programs.

I’m going to be helping as an art teacher assistant at an after school program for children teaching them about art. I like teaching kids about art because one of the things I love is  fashion. To me, art and fashion are very similar. With art, you free to create anything you want. Fashion is the same way. I tend to put together outfits and sketch based on what I feel. Sketching is very calming to me and just knowing the possibilities to create anything you want is just very freeing. That’s why I love it so much. I love working with kids too, so I’m very excited. I’m very happy about working with Art Sphere Inc. and I can’t wait to see where the future takes me.