What is home to you? Paper house project

Today at Southwark, we decorated pre-made 3D paper houses with both our classes. While this was a simpler project, it gave us time to go around and ask the students some questions about home: What was the first thing they thought of? What did it mean to them? What was their favorite part? We had some really well thought out responses as well as some funny and general answers. It was a lot fun watching these students use their ideas to decorate the houses. They were all very different and super creative.

Our older class said home is shelter, a safe place, somewhere you can sleep well at, peace, and family. When they think of home they think about color, natural, a bed, playing fortnite, their pets, and boring.










Responses from our younger class said when they think of home they think of family, sleep, relaxing, their bed, siblings, having fun, their pets (3 fish and 2 cats), being able to be messy, time with parents and friends, being lazy, and video games.