Lights on Afterschool: Importance of Afterschool Programs

After school programs benefit children in so many ways, much more than just providing a place to wait for their ride home. Many after-school programs provide a study space where students can work on homework, play with classmates, and act as an outlet for their creativity.   

  Studies have shown that children who participate in after-school activities tend to perform better academically. As mentioned above, students often work on homework there, but other academic services are usually provided, such as peer tutoring. Not only does this make it easier for students to learn, but it also makes learning much more fun! Other benefits found include higher feelings of confidence and stronger social skills.  

 ‘Lights on Afterschool’ is an organization dedicated to providing students with safe, fun, and educational activities after school. They have upcoming virtual events such as “Engineer for the Week,” a week-long beginner coding camp, and “Mindfulness,” a thirty-minute meditation session for students and parents. “Young Rembrandts” is a drawing class where students can learn who Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was and how to create art like him!  

  ‘Lights on Afterschool’ celebrates its 21st anniversary on October 22, 2020, and will be hosting a “Youth Town Hall” meeting to celebrate. This meeting will be comprised of students answering questions about their experience with ‘Lights on” programs and discussing what youth need to thrive in 2020.  

If interested in more details about Lights on After School events, click here: 

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