Lederer Swimming Pool

See the transformation of Lederer Swimming Pool (at Fishtown Rec) commonly called the“Swimmo” by locals.  Is that Philly native speak for swim hole?!

Lederer Pool is located across the street south of Penn Treaty Middle School, across the street east of Fishtown Recreation Center, and north of the 26th Precinct Police Station parking lot. For urgent correspondence, especially during the day of an event, contact Kristin Groenveld on her cell: 215-350-1968.

City painters explained to us that the site hadn’t been painted in over 10 years!  We worked in collaboration with city workers as they graciously helped us by power washing the space!

Penn Treaty Middle School art students from Ms. Yim’s classes provided drawings of insects and fish, and came out to paint with us!  One student said, “I would like a waterfall leaking into the pool and 2 runoffs going around the pool to incorporate the fish ideas along the waterfalls.  There will be a beautiful array of insects.”

Penn Treaty Mural Drawings 17Penn Treaty Mural Drawings 26Penn Treaty Mural Drawings 6

Before and After Shots below:

Penn Treaty Mural44290_563020590422238_1986965510_nIMG_1550IMG_1551IMG_1548IMG_1557IMG_1556IMG_1549IMG_1943IMG_1928.jpg


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