John Heinz Refuge Duck Stamp Contest!

The preschools at Cione Rec Center got the opportunity to enter a duck drawing competition by designing a new duck stamp. The students carefully went over identifying the basic shapes, and then how that translates over into drawing a duck.

I started off by telling the students to draw a small yellow circle in the middle of the paper. From there, they drew a rectangle for the neck, and an oval for the body. Continuing, they drew skinny rectangle legs, webbed feet, and an orange triangle for the bill and one for a wing. Once the body of the duck was assembled, they added in some elements found in nature including water, plants, and clouds.

The students named their ducks to make it more personable to them. I loved seeing the wide range of creativity amongst the students. After they had finished coloring in their ducks and naming them, I awarded the students their certificates from the John Heinz Refuge. It was quite the ducky day.