Iris Van Herpen

Starting off this week’s class at Penn Treaty, we introduced the students to an artist named Iris Van Herpen through some videos showing off her work. Herpen designs sculptures, clothes, shoes, and masks from a 3D printer, which are worn by models & dancers to perform on stage. I was blown away the when I saw those models walking around on stage with those outfits because it sort of reminded me of Nick Cave’s work. Cave make these body suits with a vast amounts of material and have people perform with them on. I definitely have to say that I admire Herpen’s work ethic because one of the videos showed her working behind scenes constructing each piece section by section over manikins and then the models. That has lead to the students coloring a mandala, designing a mask, and making a gem stone that will eventually become a 3D print. Overall, majority of the student’s participated in the activities with the exception of one or two. They were really enjoying themselves and being creative.