Guitar Handout

Objective: Encourages Language, Motor Skills and Musical Expression  


  • sturdy paper/plastic plate 
  • rubber bands 
  • wood painter’s stick 
  • stickers/paints/colored pencils 
  • glue stick/tape 

Instructions: (and there is also a video)

Step 1: Using a glue stick or tape, tape together the paper/plastic plate and the wood’s painter stick as the neck of the guitar. 

Step 2: Take the rubber band and carefully stretch the band from the top of the plate by the painter’s stick to the bottom of the paper/plastic plate. 

Step 3: Now that the guitar is made, make it YOUR OWN by using stickers, colored pencils, markers, or other art utensils! Decorate your guitar however you like, make it one of a kind! 

Step 4: ROCK OUT! 

Senses Engaged : Multi-Sensory 

  1. Touch 
  2. Sound  
  3. Sight  

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