Guide to New Models for Professional Learning is an upcoming website that allows engaged and innovative educators to share ideas and observations with other educators just like them around the world. “Social networks can be used to provide educators with career-long personal learning tools and resources that make professional learning timely and relevant as well as an ongoing activity that continually improves practice and evolves their skills over time.” edWeb has collected research and studies so that educators can have access to a variety of inspiration and ideas that will allow them to create a more fun, intimate, and relevant learning environment for the students.

They host 300 live webinars a year that are in various and diverse topics. These are also available on demand for viewing. They also allow educators to create a professional online community with others who have similar concerns and interests. This is a useful site for educators wanting to do more and create a strong and encouraging learning environment for students. edWeb can be a great resource for for anyone wanting to make a difference in learning and education for the next generation.

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